Do you consider health and fitness an essential part of your life? Do you eat a healthy diet and follow a regular exercise regime, or do you dine out at Burger King each day for lunch and spend your evenings slouched in front of the television munching on Cheetos?

If this sounds all too familiar, then you need to re-evaluate your health and fitness. You can’t live like this and actually, expect to live a long and healthy life. You’re killing yourself slowly.

To live a healthy life means having a balance between your physical, mental and social well being. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Achieving optimal health is an ongoing process that requires a personal commitment.

Once you have decided to lead a healthier lifestyle, you then need to decide how you are going to do this.

So where do you start? One of the first areas to look at is your diet.

Because of the busy lifestyles, most people lead today; they don’t spend enough time thinking about the food they are eating. They often miss breakfast as they don’t have the time. They eat lunch every day at fast food restaurants because they are convenient. They Snack on sweets and confectionery between meals and then have a ready meal or microwave dinner in the evening.

This diet, lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients, full of fat, salt and sugar leads to weight gain and being overweight.

A lot of today’s health problems are associated with being overweight. Obesity is a problem all over the world and affects people of all ages. One in every three Americans is fighting the weight loss battle.

This doesn’t mean you have to go on a diet. You need to give more consideration to what foods you eat.

Most of us I am sure are aware of the types of things we need to incorporate into our diets to eat healthier. We know we need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, we know we need whole grains and pulses; and that we should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

So why don’t we? Sometimes it is easier to go for the less healthy alternatives; it is quicker and more convenient. Many people prefer the taste of high fat, high sugar foods.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean you can never enjoy these foods again, you need to eat them less often.

Simple changes can be made to your diet, which will make a massive difference to how you look and feel.

Being healthy is not all about diet. Although what we eat is very important, we also need to pay attention to how active we are. Good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.

Staying Active is a fundamental element of fitness and health.

Now, this does not mean you have to go down the gym. While this will work, it is not suitable for everyone. Regular exercise like taking brisk walks for at least half an hour every day is just as effective.

There is a lot more to living a healthy lifestyle than this. There is a huge amount of information available on health and fitness. Indeed, the topic of health is diverse and constantly changing.

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